About us

Dear readers,

Welcome to our new adventure! For those who know us already, very little of this is new, but it may still surprise you a bit. For those who have never met us, we are two complementary souls who were united by travelling. In order to introduce ourselves and our blog, we will write a bit about our background following the same pattern that we will follow for the rest of the blog. This means that, despite this introduction being one written together, for the posts we will write two versions of the same, one through the eyes of Mr Wander and one through those of Ms Lust:

Emma (2)

The pictures that we will include in the posts and in the Instagram profiles linked to this blog are taken on a Fujifilm S4000 and a Samsung Galaxy Core LTE Prime for Mr Wander, and an iPhone 5 for Ms Lust. We will soon feature photos from our action cameras and we will keep you updated on our quest for a new camera.

Why so much highlight on the pictures? Because both Mr Wander and Ms Lust also love taking pictures, and our Instagram accounts are behind our romance. Altogether, our love for travelling and photography, and the spur of the moment during an afternoon walk in our town are the reasons why we decided to write this blog. We read a lot when we plan our trips and we get inspiration from several travel bloggers and, although they will be quoted when we directly take inspiration from them, here is a general thank you to some of them. Among the most recent ones; Two wandering soles because we were looking for inspiration and tips about Asia, your posts and tips are great, guys; Rachel is a very special friend and she is taking a sabbatical year in the Americas, miss you tons but I love everything you are posting; Nomadic Matt, for all the great tips for travelling on a budget; and Irene, AKA Piggy Traveller, for showing us some interesting sides of Extremadura, an area in Spain that is still to discover for both of us.

Talking about photography, we said that they are important to us, but it is not just that, it is our way of telling our story. Mr Wander has always had a passion for photography but the love really took off when he moved to Australia; Ms Lust is famous for her pictures of food, but she really started loving being in the pictures herself thanks to a great friend and amazing professional, Mihai of London Video Stories, an inspiration in every sense; through Mihai we also met Razvan of SpotyPhoto who we have to thank for the shot that you see here.

This blog is not to compete with any of them but to help people as well with tips, suggestions, and some entertaining. We hope you will enjoy it!

Wander & Lust


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